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Thanks for all the twitter post and comments from my last blog. Based your responses, most of you can relate to these next three areas when it comes to discovering new music. Social media sites I think it’s safe to say social media is the #1 up and coming way people are finding about new [...]

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Finally! finishing the third bit on this little series. So, it’s simple, just get some sleep on the road…right? I would beg to disagree. It is MUCH harder than that and usually requires some serious commitment and persistence. You have to build a schedule, a plan, and then stick to it as much as you [...]

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Merry Christmas!

Posted May 20, 2010 by in A&R, Songwriting

It’s been a crazy couple of months for me as I’ve been overseeing the Bethlehem Skyline Christmas project. It’s one thing to work on an artists record but another altogether when it’s a compilation of 9 different artists. And how do you make Christmas record that hasn’t been made before anyway? I mean, … aside [...]

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Social media has had a major impact on the news industry. Before, we all had to rely on the mainstream media for our information, but today, new stories break on websites, Twitter, and Facebook hours before national media outlets report them. An example of this is that I had heard about Michael Jackson’s death hours [...]

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Periodically we will be posting guest blogs from people we respect, read or want to introduce you to.

Today’s guest blog is from Paul Resnikoff, publisher of Digital Music News, an email I read every day.

Her you go:

The Simple Fax…

The fax machine is still used from time to time, especially when signatures are needed on contracts. So, if an artist uses a fax machine to finalize a career-changing contract, did the fax break that artist?


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Downhere Starts Recording

Posted May 12, 2010 by in News

New Project Set to Release Later This Year DOWNHERE STARTS RECORDING NEW PROJECT SET TO RELEASE LATER THIS YEAR New Single “You’re Not Alone” Will Be Available To Fans on May 11th And Going For Radio Adds May 14th Nashville, TN (May 12, 2010) —- One of Christian music’s premiere rock groups, Downhere, has started [...]

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As you know, last week Nashville was hit with the most rain fall any of us have ever seen. According to news reports Franklin, where our office is located and most of us live, was hit with 17″ of rain in about 36 hours. Nashville received nearly 13″ in the same time.

Here are our thoughts on what happened to the city we call home.

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Over the last several blogs, I’ve mentioned several things artists could be doing to help manage their business on the road.     Most of these have been guidelines and haven’t actually been specific tools that an artist might use.   There are numerous ones out there –  so I thought I’d begin the discussion [...]

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The Voice 2

Posted May 3, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Thanks to all of you who posted comments on my last blog with your own stories and experiences of dealing with the voice. Obviously, we are not alone in our struggle. Have you ever been in a crowded coffee shop or restaurant, wanting to have a conversation with someone, and become frustrated at the noise [...]

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