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Writers Retreat

Posted June 7, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Good Afternoon! My fault on being late to the party today.  I have a been a bit slammed since getting home.  I had the amazing opportunity to take about 10 writers/artists up to the cascade mountains in WA state.  We were in God’s beautiful creation and were blessed with incredible weather. Instead of writing a bunch about what we did I thought I would throw up a couple pictures and a video of a song.  The song was a really cool example of how things happen creatively in an environment like we had.  James Tealy  had a lyric that he had been working on since January and was struggling with the melody.  He brought it to Jason Gray and Matt Papa and they put music to it.  I love the honesty and the purity of the song. Again- I am so grateful I get to work with these amazing writers/artists and watch them create.  It is our hope that we can enable them to create life changing experiences for the world.  Hope you enjoy it!


About The Author: Conor Farley

Conor Farley did not go to Belmont University, but works in the music business anyway. Go figure. After stints in promotion and marketing at Provident, he settled into an A&R there and later at Word, where he signed Leeland, Brandon Heath, and Meredith Andrews and worked on records by Third Day, Michael W. Smith, and Point Of Grace. He came to Centricity to head up its publishing operation, serving the company's artists by pitching songs and facilitating song writing. Conor's hobbies include mowing, surfing, applying the management lessons of The Office U.K.'s David Brent, and performing with the "Caren Seidle Seven," though he did not specify whether as a singer or a dancer. He is fond also of Nick Hornby books, a sign of his good taste and intelligence.

  1. Mindy said

    I love Matt Papa. I can’t wait for the newest album to release!

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