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New Tunes List: Left of Center

Posted July 9, 2010 by in Uncategorized

As a music company, we put a lot of emphasis on Christian radio airplay. We feel like it’s still the best way to give our artist a platform to reach the masses. That being said, there’s a whole other side to Christian music than what’s popular in the church or on your local Christian radio station.

I wanted to share with you some songs that I’ve run across in the last few months. These are just some tunes written by, or for believers, and that might not fall into the typical Christian music listener demographic.

Jason Zerbin – In Your Arms

I met Jason at a GMA event last Summer. His first full-lenth just released in March. This whole record is very progressive in it’s worship styles, but has been a staple for me in quiet times. It’s both epic and delicate in melody and lyric. For fans of Gungor and Jesus Culture.

Andrew Peterson – Dancing In The Minefields

For anyone who is, has been, or is thinking about getting married, this song is a must have. Yeah, Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Shameless Centricity plug. AP’s new record drops 7.27.10 by the way. ┬áThis song has really helped me put my new marriage in perspective though. Plus, the song has a timeless feel reminiscent of Phil Collins.

Twenty One Pilots- Car Radio

Been following this young band for about a year now. Everytime they release a new song (which they post free downloads on their website) they continue to get better. This song has a unique blend of rap/pop/electronica and lyrically has some really great metaphors for the youth culture. For fans of Muse and Passion Pit.

How He Loves: A Story – John Mark McMillan

This song was made popular by Kim Walker and more recently David Crowder. There is something to be said about songs being done by the original songwriter/artist in the way it was originally intended. Extremely powerful song that is starting to make its way into the church. JMM’s solo record takes a hard left turn from the mainstream and displays some very unique songs such as “Skeleton Bones” which has a Ryan Adams & ┬áThe Cardinals feel.

30 Seconds To Mars – Kings and Queens

A recent trend in our Christian music culture has been bands that are not labeled as Christian bands, but we claim them in our industry because they may have Christian themes or content. Bands like The Fray, U2 and Coldplay. This 30 Seconds To Mars record is full of questions and observations about Faith. Musically its anthemic and inspiring. I would love to know your thoughts on the lyric, and if it’s something we as a Christian culture should be claiming or embracing?

More tunes to come soon…

About The Author: Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton's list of musical interests is long--but he's in A&R, so that goes with the territory. Specifically, Chris is Centricity's A&R manager, which entails lots of meetings, coffee, and e-mails--and sampling lots of music. His musical loves range from local acts like Paper Route and the Silver Seas to the classics: Zeppelin, Cash, and Dylan. He grew up playing piano and "was forced into guitar lessons at gunpoint by my mother," Chris says. Yikes. He's played piano (and then keytar) in several bands, including the newly-signed Glitter Dragon. "I gladly gave up my band when I was offered my dream job in A&R." Outside of music, Chris enjoys a little college football, golf, and wake-boarding. He also bravely participated in the Great Chewuch River Tubing Challenge in summer '08. Ask him about it.

  1. Dale Smith said

    Hi Chris,

    Enjoyed reading your comments, and the topic of Left Of Center.

    There is an artist that has sold more than 100 million records that was a pop rock star in the late ’60′s. As a matter of fact, he sold more single records (45′s) than anyone in the world in 1968 and 1969…Tommy James (& The Shondells).

    Many, many of his songs have a Christian theme: Crystal Blue Persuasion is about becoming a Christian, and was inspired by the book of Daniel and Revelation.

    Sweet Cherry Wine is not about alcohol, but the blood of Jesus (“to save us, he gave us…Sweet Cherry Wine). It’s also an anti-Viet Nam tune, but that’s the left leaning part from his Christian viewpoint.

    He has many other overtly “Christian” songs, like I’m Comin’ Home (about the prodigal song).

    TJ was ahead of his time as a Christian, but also a secular artist. He was saved watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV while high with his buddies and writing music and strumming his guitar.

    So, if you want to hear some great old rock n roll with a Christian influence, speak with Angilee; either she or her dad can direct you to his music!

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