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No Regrets

Posted July 22, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Most mornings I play racquetball at our local rec center. One day I noticed a tattoo on one of the girls who works there;  It read “no regrets”. Seems like every time I’ve noticed it since, I’ve felt a twinge of uneasiness. The feeling is recognizable; It’s the same one I get whenever I hear someone say “if I had it all to do over again, I wouldn’t change one thing”.

So why the uneasiness? I guess If I’m really being honest with myself there are so many things in my story that I regret. There are so many things I’d love to go back and not do, re-do, undo. So many things I wish I hadn’t said. So many selfish ways I acted toward someone else. So many places where I intentionally chose to do the thing I knew I shouldn’t do. The hurtful thing, the destructive thing. I regret those things a lot.

This is one of the reasons I’m so encouraged by Jason Gray’s song Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue.  The song isn’t urging me to try to live in some artificial denial of how I might live my life over again, but to embrace the hope of the good news… that it’s all being made new.

Does this mean we live absent of what remains from our past careless and selfish choices?  Of course not. But even in those, there is hope. The consequences are reminders. And the reminders are constantly providing an opportunity to teach us that he is always making us new (Phil. 1:6).  Jaime Jamgochian’s version of the Nichole Nordeman song Heal The Wound But Leave The Scar. illustrates this beautifully.

So even though I have much to regret, I have much to celebrate. Because of the work of the Gospel, everything sad is indeed coming untrue. And placing my trust in that reality is something I would do over  and over again.


About The Author: John Mays

John Mays, VP of A&R for Centricity, is one of Christian music's most respected executives, having worked in A&R at Word, Sparrow, and Star Song Records before serving as president of Benson Records. Over his 35-year career, Mays discovered and signed Point Of Grace, Scott Krippayne, Cindy Morgan, Matt Redman, Nichole Nordeman, Warren Barfield, and the Passion worship recordings. Mays helped found Centricity Music in 2003. He began his career in music at 17 as a musician, eventually landing jobs as a bass player with several bands and many Christian music recordings during the '80s. Along the way, he co-wrote "Love In Any Language," a career song for Sandi Patty included in CCM's list of 100 greatest Christian songs. The Andrews, TX, native has been married to Dianne for 32 years and continues to brag on his two kids, Kelsey and John Austin, now both in college.

  1. Mindy said

    Thanks for the post, John. I, too, like most others, have things that I wish I could do over, re-do, or undo. But I am glad for the things that God has placed in front of me. It’s molding me to become the person that I am and I look forward to the challenges He is bringing me.

    I just read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 for part of my morning devotional and it gave me the strength and hope to push through the tough times and delight in my weaknesses. I am still learning, but the more I draw closer to Christ, the more He’s showing me, the more I become like him ( I kinda sounded like a downhere song for a bit…..) Without any regrets on the decisions I am making to come closer to Him.

    Thanks again for the encouraging post.


    • John Mays said

      Hey Mindy-

      That’s a great passage to add on to this thought. Thanks for posting it.


  2. Branden Camp said

    Wow! This is exactly what God has been teaching me this week. Thanks John!

    • John Mays said

      Wow indeed! That’s amazing. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. Brent said

    Thanks, John!

  4. John Mays said

    Hey Brent-

    Thank YOU for reading the blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Knowing that someone is reading and finding some encouragement in anything we post, is a big encouragement to us!

    Everything sad is coming untrue.


  5. Junko Cheng said

    Hi John,

    Great blog. I love your honesty and your ability to self-examine. I’ve been thinking about you recently, because I’m, um, writing a book, and I was just working on the chapter about my little foray into Nashville and the CCM industry some time ago. I still so appreciate your encouragement and support that you gave me then and continue to do. In my book, you’re still far and above all the rest!

    Love you, my friend–

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