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Posted November 23, 2010 by in Internet, Marketing

With my job, I’m constantly immersed in the world of technology and social media. I do almost everything online: connect with family and friends, listen to music, read the news, watch TV shows, and so forth. It’s amazing how much stock we put in technology. If we lose our phone or our computer crashes, we [...]

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Posted November 18, 2010 by in A&R, Booking, Management, Songwriting

The grass is always greener on the other side isn’t it? Whether it’s a job, a house, a car, a lifestyle, a career move, a bigger song, a greater platform, … the desire to obtain what we don’t have is extremely alluring. And as we all know, … when we acquire something, somehow it’s still [...]

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Basics of the Business

Posted November 11, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Because it’s so hard for an independent artist to make a living by selling music, it pays to have an understanding of the basics (and then some) of the wild world that is the music business of today. In making my transition from the finance world to the biz over the last few years, I’ve [...]

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Ministry and Money

Posted November 8, 2010 by in Uncategorized

It’s that time of year again – as we wind up 2010 we start to look to 2011 plans. As part of that planning, we are in the midst of budgets. I balance numbers all the time – I actually enjoy doing it. Call me crazy! And I know a lot of artists downright hate [...]

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Work On It

Posted November 2, 2010 by in Uncategorized

The first year that Centricity was in operation, we pulled away from our work for a few days and engaged in what we called a “Work On It”. We’ve continued the practice to this day (in fact, we have one next week) because these times have proven to be some of the best investments we’ve [...]

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