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From the very beginning, Centricity has at its core, been about supporting and equipping Christian artists. When it came time to write our mission statement, we used the word “enabling” which seemed to encompass the spirit of what we want to do.

This enablement has taken on many forms over the years, but even before we were officially a label or any sort of organized company at all, it was expressed through a retreat we provided for a handful of artists back in 2005.

We continued hosting these retreats for a number of years and over time, we got better and better at them. Some of the artists we invited ended up having great careers as national recording artists. Some did not, but that wasn’t really the point. The point was that we were being faithful to follow after where God seemed to be positioning us as a company, working hard to do it with excellence, but trusting results to Him.

Fast forward to 2010 when we began to wonder about gathering all we had learned hosting these retreats, and taking it all to another level. And thus, the vision for the Bloom Indie Music Conference was birthed.

For years, I and others on our team have taught sessions and judged competitions at other conference events around the globe, and we began to notice a disconnect between what the industry had to offer, and the real needs of today’s independent artist. This gap is what we think we’ve been able to close with Bloom. We’ve sought help from successful indie artists as to what really needed to be taught to artists in this generation. And we’ve supported that through qualified industry people with good track records and experience in developing successful artists.

So what’s the point? Well, our first conference is coming April 8th and 9th in Seattle, on the campus of Northwest University, and if you live around the area (or can get there!), we’d love to have you. If you don’t, we’d really appreciate you helping to spread the word for us.

We’ve set up a splash page (full website coming soon) at bloommusicconference.com. We’re also up on facebook, (please “like” us if you can) and twitter.

And some of you already know our Seattle team member, Penny Hein (formerly Penny Brown until her recent wedding!). Penny is the hub of all things Bloom, and would love hearing from you, or answering any questions that might come to mind. She’s at penny@bloommusicconference.com.

Whether you’re wanting to be a better member of your worship team, or you’re wondering how to get started down the path to being signed to a label, or anything in-between (and there’s a lot in-between!), we hope to see you in April at Bloom Seattle!


About The Author: John Mays

John Mays, VP of A&R for Centricity, is one of Christian music's most respected executives, having worked in A&R at Word, Sparrow, and Star Song Records before serving as president of Benson Records. Over his 35-year career, Mays discovered and signed Point Of Grace, Scott Krippayne, Cindy Morgan, Matt Redman, Nichole Nordeman, Warren Barfield, and the Passion worship recordings. Mays helped found Centricity Music in 2003. He began his career in music at 17 as a musician, eventually landing jobs as a bass player with several bands and many Christian music recordings during the '80s. Along the way, he co-wrote "Love In Any Language," a career song for Sandi Patty included in CCM's list of 100 greatest Christian songs. The Andrews, TX, native has been married to Dianne for 32 years and continues to brag on his two kids, Kelsey and John Austin, now both in college.

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