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The Importance of a Logo

Posted January 17, 2011 by in Internet, Marketing

This is my first Centricity blog. I’m Joanna, Centricity’s graphic designer. Too often design gets put on the back burner, it is the last thing people think about while they are making a product, starting a business, or creating an album. But design can have a significant impact on your final result. For instance, most bands/artists never think about creating a logo to represent themselves. But why not?

Think about successful companies like Target, Starbucks, Nike they all have a strong logo that is immediately recognized. But its not just a symbol, when you see a Starbucks logo it ignites almost all of your senses. You can see the familiar sights of your favorite Starbucks cafe, smell the mix of freshly brewed coffee and lattes, and you can almost taste your favorite drink. All of that just by looking at a logo. Think of the possibilities of doing this as a musician.

Let’s use The Rolling Stones as an example, a band that has brilliantly used a logo to represent them. All generations recognize those red lips with the tongue sticking out, and just like the Starbucks logo it can ignite your senses as well. Maybe you start to hum your favorite Rolling Stones song, or you see Mick Jagger sauntering across the stage with his iconic swagger. Are you starting to see the power of pairing a logo with your music?

So, maybe you are a little scared of a logo. Its hard to decide on an image that represents you now and will continue to do so in the future. So you are a little timid about a logo, maybe you should start out with a typeface (a fancy word we designers use for the word font). Select a typeface that best suites you and make sure your name/band name is always written in that typeface. This may seem irrelevant but over time people will start to connect those letters with your music. Look at the “Got Milk” campaign, their quirky typeface has become very familiar to all of us.

Hopefully, you are starting to see some of the possibilities of a strong logo to represent you and your music. If you can create a successful logo it will enhance the experience between you and your audience and hopefully build a strong image that connects to your name. I challenge you to start looking for logos in bands and artists out there and start thinking how it could change the image of your music.

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