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Evolving the Website

Posted February 15, 2011 by in Internet, Marketing

Today launches the new online face of Centricity Music. Welcome to the new website!

With technology, social media, and web applications constantly evolving, companies are having to shift their internet presence on a continual basis. If you launch a website that’s relevant and innovative today, six months later, something new in the web world could make your site look dated.

As an artist, you should be paying attention to internet trends. Staying relevant online can put you at an advantage because you are keeping up to date with your fans who are always looking for the next thing. You’re finding new and creative ways of communicating and building relationships with them.

Indie artists send us their music and websites all of the time. One of the things we look at is their internet presence. If we go to an artist’s site that hasn’t been updated in a year and they are still using Comic Sans font, it makes the artist look less professional. It highly contributes to their overall brand, and if they don’t care about their brand looking relevant, it can reflect poorly on them.

So this is us re-inventing our “web wheel”. We hope you enjoy it!

About The Author: Rebekah Markowitz

Rebekah Markowitz serves as Manager of New Media, overseeing all things internet, and as the company's unofficial IT director. Originally from the Philadelphia area and a Yankee at heart, she comes to the label with experience in online promotions from Inpop Records and also from the direct advertising industry. She loves traveling, Jimmy Eat World, movie watching, C.S. Lewis, penguins, and baking--not necessarily in that order.

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