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The Fruit of the Agony

Posted February 28, 2011 by in Management, Songwriting

Over the last several months I’ve been lucky to be a fly on the wall  watching Jason Gray, an artist on Centricity, and managed by our team at Eaglemont,  write for a new record.     With probably over 20 songs on the table,  we had the final meeting last week to select the 12 songs that will be featured on this project.

As a former artist, I’ve been around the process of selecting songs for an album for many years.    I released 6 records of my own, and had songs on 3 other compilations, and so I do know what this process looks like.     However, I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who is so intentional about the writing process like Jason Gray.    It has challenged me about the value of excellence in the songwriting experience and made me wish to return to all of those albums that I recorded with a new intensity.

Early on I remember Jason showing me a song that I thought was fantastic -  yet – he was unsatisfied.    I’ve watched him anguish for days over 2 lines -    literally for days -   and finally settle on the thought that worked.

And so last week as we sat with his producer Jason Ingram and listened and discussed song after song,  I heard the fruit of agonizing over a word.

I’m headed to the studio this morning to begin watching this record unfold.   And I look forward to September 13, 2011 when these songs will be shared and all can see and hear and enjoy the fruit of the agony!       Be watching on Jason’s Facebook page for updates this week on the process.    And sneak peaks to come!

It’s going to be Great!

About The Author: Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry earned his MBA at Baylor--and took the logical next step of becoming a worship leader. After teaching for five years at Baylor, Berry departed to lead worship in scenic Abilene, Texas, at an interdenominational Bible study that grew from a hundred students to over a thousand. He developed an interest in artist management out of that experience, and after running a studio and his own management company, he migrated to Tennessee, where he serves as Centricity's vp of artist management. Jeff is 'most likely to be listening to conservative talk radio' at any given moment in the Centricity offices.

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