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The Greatest Trip

Posted May 2, 2011 by in Management

I am one of the people who have been caught up in the Royal Wedding.     I realize that there are so many more important things to be consumed by; however,  because I had lived at Westminster School (adjacent to Westminster Abbey)  and because of my love for all things England – I admit to savoring the music, the traditions, the pageantry, and the sense  of watching history.

My trips to London (for work and pleasure) have been great trips and I have been fortunate to have traveled the world in my lifetime.     As an artist manager, one of the great privileges of my job is to get to travel and see our artists as they perform and meet some of the great promoters around the country.    Seeing Jason Gray in Danbury, CT  to High Valley perform at Baylor University, my alma matter, in Waco, TX;   seeing Sixteen Cities in Lincoln, NE and Satellites & Sirens in  Amarillo, TX.   All great trips!

Several weeks ago my wife and I traveled back to Texas for a wedding of a dear friend Sarah Littlestar.   Her father, Mark, as he gave his toast described all of the great trips they had taken together -   some on family vacations, but more importantly, others to the mission field as they served the “least of these”.      I sat and listened to his amazing words and was challenged to do that with my kids -   to be sure that we not only have great family memories on vacation – but that we have even greater memories serving others around the world….and across the street.


He then shared that though he and Sarah had taken amazing trips,  none of their trips together could compare to the trip that he shared with her that day – from the back of the outdoor sanctuary where the wedding was held to the alter where he gave her away.    The Greatest Trip.

On Friday I thought of his words so many times as I watched a father give his daughter away in a beautiful Abbey in London to the future King of England and thought that too will be his greatest trip.

And then I think of my beautiful two year old daughter and know a trip like that one day will come.    And though I’ve traveled the world,  nothing will compare to that trip.   But that will have to wait -   a long, long, long time.

About The Author: Jeff Berry

Jeff Berry earned his MBA at Baylor--and took the logical next step of becoming a worship leader. After teaching for five years at Baylor, Berry departed to lead worship in scenic Abilene, Texas, at an interdenominational Bible study that grew from a hundred students to over a thousand. He developed an interest in artist management out of that experience, and after running a studio and his own management company, he migrated to Tennessee, where he serves as Centricity's vp of artist management. Jeff is 'most likely to be listening to conservative talk radio' at any given moment in the Centricity offices.

  1. Al Littlestar said

    Thank you Jeff for your comments. Makes us feel proud as parents.

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