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Centricity Update 6/16

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Greetings from team Centricity.

Last week was a busy week for John Mays and I as we went on the road to visit some friends at radio. We traveled to St. Louis, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Sacramento and Dallas. It was a good week of hearing from radio. What you should know, when we are on the road we try to visit the local Diner, Drive In or Dive. While we were in Sacramento we were able to visit The Squeeze Inn. It may have been one of the least healthy meals I ate, but it was really tasty. Check out the cheese burger here. Just don’t tell my doctor.

Make sure you watch the last episode of Centricity U for the new episode comes next week.


Great news of the week – Aaron Shust’s new single “My Hope Is In You” was the most added single of the week. We could not be happier for Aaron.

On to the updates…

Radio Update:

“Let Me Rediscover You” Downhere.

Currently on 32 Stations

HUGE ADD this WEEK, KSBJ/ Houston, TX!!! They have around a million listeners a week! They think the song will test through the roof, so be praying for that!

~ AC Monitored- New and Active #33, on 13 of 58 stations, 1 adds this week + 48 spins.

~ AC Indicator- bullet and debut on the chart #28! , on 14 of 35, 3 adds this week +29 spins.

~ CHR- on 3 of 20.

~ Inspo- on 1 of 19

~ National Christian Audience(this is a combination of CHR and AC monitored stations)- bullet and debut at #48, +52 spins, audience of 419,900

“My Hope Is You” Aaron Shust

We had a great add week! 25 stations out of the box (that # includes stations that were on early). Programmers are really liking this song…

AC Monitored: 10 adds- No chart position just yet, it will happen with an increase in spins. +48 spins - 10 of 58 stations- WVFJ/Atlanta, GA, WCIE/Tampa, FL (these two stations are part of a network 300,000+), WAFJ/Columbia, SC, WBFJ/ Greensboro, NC, WLFJ/ Greenville, SC, WJQK/ Grand Rapids, MI, KGBI/ Omaha, NE, KSGN/ Riverside, CA, SXMS/ Sirius XM satellite network, FLNW/ Family life Ministries network-

AC Indicator:  7 adds- New and Active (#38) +61 spins – 7 of 35 stations- WWWA/ Augusta, ME, WBYO/ Sellersville, PA, WGRC/ Williamsport, PA, WQME/ Indianapolis, IN, WWIB/ Eau Claire, WI, KZKZ/ Fort Smith, AR, KNWS/ Cedar Falls, IA

CHR: 1 add- No chart position yet. +10 spins – 1 of 20 stations – KJTH/ Ponca City

Inspo: 7 adds- New and Active (#28) + 21 spins – 7 of 19 stations- WOLC/ Ocean City, MD, WTGN/ Lima, OH, WHCB/ Johnson City, TN, KLVV/ Ponca City, OK, WCRH/ Hagerstown, MD, WTGN/ Lima, OH, KNLB/ Phoenix, AZ, KCRN/ San Angelo, TX

National Christian Audience- Not on this chart just yet.


“Eye of the Hurricane” Me In Motion

~ CHR: #14 -44 spins.

~ National Christian Audience(this is a combination of CHR and AC monitored stations):

#43, -82 spins, audience size of 577,500.

~ CHR- 14 of 20

~ AC Monitored 3 of 58, 1 add at WJTL/Lancaster, PA~ AC Indicator 2 of 35


The Jason Gray single,  “Remind Me of Who I Am,” goes for adds next Friday, June 24


Chart Positions:

AC Mon: “Let Me Rediscover You”  Downhere – New & Active #33

AC Ind: “Let Me Rediscover You”  Downhere – #28

“My Hope Is In You” Aaron Shust -  New & Active #38

CHR: “Eye of the Hurricane” Me In Motion – #14


Downhere                              www.downhere.com

•  On The Alter of Love releases 8/23/11

•  The band was live on KLOVE on Tuesday where they performed some new songs

• We are shooting the video for “Let me Rediscover you on Saturday in Atlanta.

•  Make sure you check out the lyric video we put up for the single. Check it out HERE

•  The song is available now on iTunes or at the Downhere store

•  The band is out on tour check ‘em out..

6/17                 Stone Mountain, GA

6/24-25            Ocean Grove, NJ

6/27-7/2           Glorietta, NM

7/08                 Krager, Norway

7/09                 Halmstad, Sweden

7/15                 Bluefield, WV

8/06                 Decatur, IL

8/20                 Menominee, MI

8/27                 Geneva, OH

9/16-17            McDounough, GA

•  Downhere will be heading out on The Called To Love Tour with their label mates Jason Gray and Aaron Shust starting the end of Sept. Dates are coming soon.


Aaron Shust              www.aaronshust.com

•  This Is What We Believe streets 8/23/11

• “My Hope Is In You,” was the most added single at radio this week. YEAH!

•  You need to hear the story behind the record – please check out Aaron’s EPK right HERE

•  There is a lyric video up for “My Hope Is In You”. It is HERE

•  We shoot the video for “My Hope Is In You” June 21 in PA.

• Go see Aaron if you have a chance:

7/1                   New Holland, MI

7/9                   Mount Bethel, PA

7/22                 Sewickley, PA

8/06                 Adrian, MI

8/7                   Arnolds Park, IA

8/20                 Philomath, OR

8/21                 Puyallup, WA

8/26                 Chicago, IL

9/9-10              Charleston, IL

9/28                 Erie, PA


Jason Gray                            www.jasongraymusic.com

•  A Way to See In The Dark releases on 9/13/11

• “Remind Me Of Who I Am,” the new single from Jason Gary, goes for adds on 6/24. It will be available on iTunes and in Jason’s store on 6/28

•  We will be filming the video “Remind Me Of Who I Am” June 28 here in Nashville.

•  Jason will be doing some one off dates over the next few months, if you have the chance go and see him. Here is his schedule:

6/23                 Mineral City, OH

6/24                 Springfield, OH

7/09                 Oshkosh, WI

7/09-11            Appelton, WI

7/17                 Hampton. IA

7/20                 Lakeville, MN

8/20                 Wilmington, DE

8/26                 Pipestone, MN

8/27                 Marion, IL

9/04                 Peoria, IL

9/10                 Ocean Isle, NC

9/11                 Randleman, NC

•  Jason Gray, Downhere and Aaron Shust will be launching out on the Called To Love Tour at the end of Sept. Be watching here for dates as they come in


Andrew Peterson                  www.andrew-peterson.com

• Andrew will be touring through the fall and winter as he joins a major tour in the fall then out this December with the Behold The Lamb of God tour

•  Andrew has added a show with Music City Roots at the Loveless Barn. This show is in conjunction with Lightning 100. HERE is more info.

• Andrew on tour:

6/18                 Atlanta, TN

7/8                   Oshkosh, WI

7/13                 Nashville, TN

7/24                 East Peoria, IL

8/10                 Seneca, MO

8/21                 Johnson City, TN

8/28                 Chulouta, FL

9/11                 Nashville, TN

9/15                 Glasgow, KY

9/16                 Louisville, KY

9/18                 Yukon, OK


Me In Motion                        www.meinmotion.com

•  “Eye of the Hurricane” is #14 on the CHR Chart

•  Make sure you go see Me In Motion if you have the chance. Here are their dates:

6/23                 Mineral City, OH

6/24                 Ionia, MN

7/01                 Topeka, KS

7/08                 Shafter, CA

7/09-12            Shafter, CA

7/14                 Wilmar, MN

7/15                 Orland Park, IL

7/16                 Seymour, IN

8/05-6              El Paso, TX

8/13                 Muskegon, MI

8/20                 Leitchfield, KY

9/09-11            Madison, CT

9/18                 Johnstown, PA

9/24                 Littleton, CO


Sixteen Cities                         www.sixteencities.com

•  The band has official departed Portland to traverse the US doing concerts. Follow their updates on twitter at twitter.com/sixteencities

•  See the band on tour:

6/16                 Jackson, TN

6/19                 Dickson, TN

6/24                 Bethany, MO

6/25                 Lewiston, MN


Music listened to while writing this –hate to say I wrote this one at home while my wife watched “So You think You Can Dance” on the DVR. No music.


About The Author: Steve Ford

Steve Ford started as an engineer at LA's famed Mama Jo's studio before crossing over to the dark side: marketing. After a stint in artist development and A&R at Sparrow working with Steven Curtis Chapman, BeBe & CeCe Winans, and Out of the Gray, Ford moved onto Star Song and later Myrrh, marketing records by Newsboys, Fernando Ortega, and Amy Grant. He served as general manager at inpop records, signing Superchic(k) and Shane & Shane; he started INO's rock imprint SRE, where he worked with Skillet, Flyleaf, Disciple, and Decypher Down. At Centricity, Ford oversees all aspects of sales and marketing, including radio, packaging, and hair product endorsements. Ford lists racquetball and "books" as his hobbies, which occupy what free time isn't spent discovering obscuro new music.

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