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A Growing Season (from our intern Reagan)

Posted July 12, 2011 by in A&R, Guest Blogs, Other

A Growing Season

Hello all. I’m Reagan, one of the summer interns here at Centricity. I’ve never written a blog post before but wanted to share a little of my experience here, so go easy on me. Here goes:

Nashville, whether I end up here or not later in life, I will forever remember as a place where I have learned and grown in a way that I am certain I would not be able to anywhere else. Before I proceed, you must know that I hail from Texas – a place that is very dear to my heart – but over these last six weeks that I have interned here at Centricity, I have learned just how important and unique this experience is, and the fact that this experience is happening here, over 700 miles from home.

“Why Nashville?” you might be wondering. Most obvious is that this is where I am doing my internship – one in the A&R and Publishing department– that provides concrete learning opportunities in a variety of ways each and every day specific to the craft of “music business.” Undeniably, not everything I have learned while being here is related directly to the music industry. A deeper, more resounding learning experience, lessons learned in a much more covert way, are the lessons that I have learned from the people I have been surrounded by and the situations in which I have been placed. There is no doubt in my mind that God has specifically placed me where I am, working with whom I am to grow me and teach me in a very precise way that points me TOWARD him. Have you ever noticed how God does that? Because He knows us better than we know ourselves, He is able to place us in certain situations, despite our insecurities, limitations, questions, and wanderings that make us eventually turn to Him. Regardless of why we turn to him in these new experiences – out of desperation, fear, awe, praise, etc.  – how ever long it takes, God is glorified through these experience and he opens our near-sighted eyes to understand just a little piece of who He is making us to be and how great He is.

I find myself wishing I knew at the beginning of a “growing season” what the result will be, what I will learn, but I’ve discovered that it usually doesn’t work that way; only during or after the season of growing am I able to look back and see that I had no idea what I was doing, but all along God was right there with me, orchestrating everything so that I could be pruned and become more like the person he wants me to be. God is always building character, but only when we are able to realize that, does the awe and thanksgiving set in. How amazing it is that we have a God that knows us so well and takes an active role in our lives! – all this for our good so that we can, in turn, glorify Him and be a Light to others, to the World.

Ok, enough of the talk about learning. Here are some of the things I actually learned:

Genuine relationships are the ones that count.

Before my time in Nashville, I cannot reiterate enough how many times I have heard the phrase, “the music business is all about relationships.” Relationships can come in many different shapes and forms, however, I have learned that the real relationships – ones built on authenticity – are the ones that matter. The “connecting” and “building relationships” part of the business can be easily misconstrued into “how many people you know” and “where those people can get you.” Not the case. Quality is what counts; genuineness is what counts.


A positive environment is conducive to productivity.

During my time here at Centricity, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t genuinely enjoy my time. Laughing happens, jokes happen, encouragement happens, prayer happens. For an intern coming into a work environment like that, I can say with confidence that it made me feel welcomed and at ease as soon as I walked in the door. Consequently, it was easy for me to work hard because I wanted to work hard for a place like this. Positivity in any work environment (not just in the music industry) is certainly a key to success.


Keeping promises and trustworthiness is a light in the darkness.

Doing what you say you will do and never overpromising makes a direct impression on people – how much they trust you and believe you. More importantly, as Christians, it makes a direct impression on how people see God through you as well. God always keeps His promises. God always comes through. Being flaky or non-dependable shows people – most especially non-believers – the opposite.

The above were lessons God has taught me through people that I have been surrounded by and through the environment in which I have been immersed here at Centricity. In addition, God has laid certain scripture on my heart throughout my time in Nashville that I have used as themes to refer to in all my learning experiences:

2 Timothy 1:7

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”… For when I am weak, then I am strong.


John 15:2

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful.


God never puts us in situations we cannot handle. When he lets us experience a growing and “pruning” season, he illustrates to us just how much his “grace” is enough. Even when we are unsure of ourselves or do not think we are capable, He reminds us that we are not made to be “timid”, but made to rest in His strength and have confidence in Him. He never leaves us. He always comes through.

This Friday, July15th, is my last day here at Centricity. I can honestly say that these last six weeks have been some of the most influential in my life. What I have learned here and the great experiences that I have had will go with me always. I am so grateful for this opportunity.





About The Author: Steve Ford

Steve Ford started as an engineer at LA's famed Mama Jo's studio before crossing over to the dark side: marketing. After a stint in artist development and A&R at Sparrow working with Steven Curtis Chapman, BeBe & CeCe Winans, and Out of the Gray, Ford moved onto Star Song and later Myrrh, marketing records by Newsboys, Fernando Ortega, and Amy Grant. He served as general manager at inpop records, signing Superchic(k) and Shane & Shane; he started INO's rock imprint SRE, where he worked with Skillet, Flyleaf, Disciple, and Decypher Down. At Centricity, Ford oversees all aspects of sales and marketing, including radio, packaging, and hair product endorsements. Ford lists racquetball and "books" as his hobbies, which occupy what free time isn't spent discovering obscuro new music.

  1. jacob said

    Glad your summer was great! The people at Centricity really love the Lord, not surprised that they were a part of your growing season.

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