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Centricity Update 7/28

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I was out running errands today – dropping off Downhere inserts for the band to sign and a drive to get the new High Valley photo shoot – and was listening to This American Life. The episode was titled Breakup where the reporter is looking to write the perfect breakup song. She ends up talking to Phil Collins about it. And guess what song I have had rumbling through my head all day? “Against All Odds”. Curse you This American Life.
I could never let you walk away, let you let without a trace, before letting you have a second chance to see our videos…
Jason Gray “Remind Me Who I Am” is HERE
Aaron Shust “My Hope Is In You” is HERE
Downhere “Let Me Rediscover You” is HERE
So take a look at the updates…

Chart Positions:

AC Mon:

“My Hope Is In You” Aaron Shust –  #21, up 3.
“Let Me Rediscover You” Downhere – #30, down 2
“Remind Me Who I Am” Jason Gray New & Active (#38), down 1

AC Ind:

“Let Me Rediscover You”  Downhere – #21, down 1
“My Hope Is In You” Aaron Shust -  #11, up 7
“Remind Me Who I Am” Jason Gray New & Active (#33), up 2


“Eye of the Hurricane” Me In Motion – #15, down 2


“My Hope Is In You” Aaron Shust –  #9, up 3

National Christian Audience Chart (this is a combination of CHR and AC monitored stations):

“My Hope Is In You” Aaron Shust –  #27. Up 7
“Let Me Rediscover You” Downhere – #38, down 2
“Eye of the Hurricane” Me In Motion – #49, down 4

“Let Me Rediscover You” Downhere

• Currently on 44 Stations
• AC Monitored- #30, On 15 of 58 stations, -9 spins
• AC Indicator- #21, on 20 of 35 stations, 1 adds this week +33 spins.
• CHR- on 4 of 20 stations , -13 spins
• Inspo- on 4 of 19 stations, +8 spins
• National Christian Audience – #38, Total audience -68,400, total audience 783,200.

“My Hope Is You” Aaron Shust

Currently on 76 Stations
AC Monitored: 2 adds- #21 - 30 of 58 stations on, +128 spins.
AC Indicator:  3 adds - #11, 29 of 35 stations on-  + 118 spins
CHR: 0 adds- No chart position yet.  3 of 20 stations are on.
INSPO: 0 adds #9 – 14 of 19 stations on. +7 spins
National Christian Audience – #27, up 7, with an audience increase of + 257,200 for a total audience of 1,344,000


WBHY/Mobile, AL
KAIM/ Honolulu, HI
WXHL/Wilmington, DE
WBCL/ Ft. Wayne, IN
WHPZ/ South Bend, IN

“Remind Me Who I Am” Jason Gray

Currently on 24 Stations
AC Monitored: 0 adds - New & Active (#38), - 8 of 58 stations on, +18 spins.
AC Indicator:  2 adds - New & Active (#35), 10 of 35 stations on-  + 33 spins.
CHR: 0 adds – No chart position yet.  2 of 20 stations on. +4 spins.
Inspo: 2 adds – No Chart position yet. 4 of 19 stations on, +17 spins


WCLN/Fayetteville, NC
KCVO/Columbia, MO


WJYO / Ft. Meyers- Naples, FL
WLBF / Montgomery, AL

Downhere                                www.downhere.com
•  On The Alter of Love releases 8/23/11
•  The video for “Let Me Rediscover You” is HERE
• The song is available on iTunes or at the Downhere store
•  Downhere will be playing a free concert here in Nashville, at Fellowship Bible Church Friday evening at 7 pm. Love to see anyone and everyone come on out. Here is a link to more information.
• The band is out on tour check ‘em out..
8/06                 Decatur, IL
8/20                 Menominee, MI
8/27                 Geneva, OH
9/16-17            McDounough, GA
•  Downhere will be heading out on The Called To Love Tour with their label mates Jason Gray and Aaron Shust starting Oct. Here are the current dates:
10/01               Abilene, TX
10/02               Jourdaton, TX
10/05               Iowa Falls, IA
10/06               Pierre, SD
10/07               Dickenson, ND
10/08               Minot, ND
10/12               Neenah, WI
10/13               Benton, KY
10/15               Wausau, WI
11/04               Lancaster, PA
11/05               Lewisburg, PA
11/06               Kentwood, MI
11/11               Syracuse, NY
11/12               Woodbridge, VA
11/13               Wilmington, NC
Aaron Shust                www.aaronshust.com

• This Is What We Believe streets 8/23/11
• Check out Aaron’s EPK right HERE
•  Aaron’s video is live and on line. Check it out HERE
•  Aaron will be heading out on a street week promo

8/19:                On Air with KCMS / Seattle
8/22:                Event with KLJC / Kansas City, MO
8/23:                Event with KLTY / Dallas, TX
8/24:                Event with WBFJ / Winston-Salem, NC
8/25:                Event with WLAB / Ft. Wayne, IN
8/26:                Event with Moody / Chicago, IL
8/28                 Concert at Perimeter Church / Atlanta, GA

•  Go see Aaron if you have a chance:

8/06                 Adrian, MI
8/7                   Arnolds Park, IA
8/20                 Philomath, OR
8/21                 Puyallup, WA
8/26                 Chicago, IL
9/9-10              Charleston, IL
9/28                 Erie, PA

•  Aaron will be joining Jason Gray and Downhere on The Called To Love Tour starting Oct. The dates are up in the Downhere section
Jason Gray                             www.jasongraymusic.com

•  A Way to See In The Dark releases on 9/13/11
• “Remind Me Who I Am,” the new single from Jason Gray, is available on iTunes HERE
•  The video for  “Remind Me Who I Am” debuted on Hear It First this week. You can watch it HERE
•   The press release for the record went out this week. Check it out HERE
•  Jason wrote a great essay on Remind Me Who I Am. In case you missed it, check it out HERE
•  About.com mentioned Jason’s single in songs their Christian songs to watch. Check it out HERE
•  Jason will be doing some one off dates over the next few months, if you have the chance go and see him. Here is his schedule:

8/20                 Wilmington, DE
8/26                 Pipestone, MN
8/27                 Marion, IL
9/04                 Peoria, IL
9/10                 Ocean Isle, NC
9/11                 Randleman, NC

• Jason Gray, Aaron and Downhere are heading out on The Called To Love Tour starting Oct. The dates are up in the  Downhere section


Andrew Peterson                    www.andrew-peterson.com

•  Andrew on tour:

8/10                 Seneca, MO
8/21                 Johnson City, TN
8/28                 Chulouta, FL
9/11                 Nashville, TN
9/15                 Glasgow, KY
9/16                 Louisville, KY
9/18                 Yukon, OK

• Here are the tour dates for Stories & Songs tour with Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrew Peterson & Josh Wilson:

9/29                 Indianapolis, IN
9/30                 Cordova, TN (Memphis)
10/01               Alma, AR (Fort Smith)
10/02               Brandon, MS  (Jackson)
10/06               Lancaster, PA
10/07               Milford, CT
10/08               Barre, VT
10/13               St. Peters, MO
10/14               Valparaiso, IN
10/15               Pewaukee, WI
10/16               Rochester, MN
10/22               Littleton, CO (Denver)
10/25               Eagle, ID 
10/26               Twin Falls, ID
10/28               Vancouver, WA
11/01               Roseville, CA (Sacramento)
11/01               Roseville, CA (Sacramento)
11/02               Valencia, CA
 (Los Angeles)
11/03               San Bernadino, CA  (Los Angeles)

Me In Motion              www.meinmotion.com

•  “Eye of the Hurricane” is #15 on the CHR Chart.
•  The boys are in the studio cutting a couple of new songs. Be watching for updates and leaks
•  Make sure you go see Me In Motion if you have the chance. Here are their dates:
8/05-6              El Paso, TX
8/13                 Muskegon, MI
8/20                 Leitchfield, KY
9/09-11           Madison, CT
9/18                 Johnstown, PA
9/24                 Littleton, CO
Music listened to while writing this  John Mayer “Live In LA”  and of course, “Against All Odds”.


About The Author: Steve Ford

Steve Ford started as an engineer at LA's famed Mama Jo's studio before crossing over to the dark side: marketing. After a stint in artist development and A&R at Sparrow working with Steven Curtis Chapman, BeBe & CeCe Winans, and Out of the Gray, Ford moved onto Star Song and later Myrrh, marketing records by Newsboys, Fernando Ortega, and Amy Grant. He served as general manager at inpop records, signing Superchic(k) and Shane & Shane; he started INO's rock imprint SRE, where he worked with Skillet, Flyleaf, Disciple, and Decypher Down. At Centricity, Ford oversees all aspects of sales and marketing, including radio, packaging, and hair product endorsements. Ford lists racquetball and "books" as his hobbies, which occupy what free time isn't spent discovering obscuro new music.

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