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Jason Gray receives early praise from Jesus Freak Hideout

Posted August 15, 2011 by in News

Article link: A Way to See in the Dark
Author: Jen Rose of
Review Date: 8/14/2011

Early Thoughts….

It would make perfect sense for A Way to See in the Dark, Jason Gray’s third major studio album, to ride out the success of his sophomore release just a bit longer by delivering a batch of radio friendly songs (plus a few acoustic tunes for the folk-loving fans). This time however, the team behind Everything Sad is Coming Untrue dig deeper to craft some of his best work to date, a record that is, somehow, both more pop-sounding and truer to his folk songwriter roots than ever, with lyrics that touch the deep places where fear and hope collide. Big drum textures and spacious production give the songs room to show their individual personalities, whether in the rowdy Irish pub vibe of “No Thief Like Fear,” the shimmering pop anthem “Good to Be Alive,” or the minimalist piano ballad “Nothing is Wasted.” But of course, the lyrics are where this record shines: introspective, poetic, yet accessible and hopeful songwriting that addresses fear’s many forms and the antidote, “childlike faith… my only way to see in the dark…”

About The Author: Centricity

Centricity Music is an independent recording and publishing company based in Bellevue, Washington and Nashville, Tennessee. The company’s mission is to enable our artists to create life-changing experiences for the world. Centricity Music’s artist roster includes Downhere, Aaron Shust, Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, High Valley, Me In Motion, Sixteen Cities, and Jaime Jamgochian.

  1. Jen Rose said

    Just so you guys know, I geeked a little when I saw this in my feed reader. =) Thanks for the link back! I hear it was the first review, and I am honored. (full review is coming street week, but I couldn’t wait to share something!)

  2. Sheila said

    Great review Jen! I love lyrics that speak to the mind as well as the heart. Lyrics that birth stories into peoples lives. Excited to find out what Jason Gray has in store for us next…

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