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[REVIEW] Christmas Stories: Repeat The Sounding Joy

Posted October 11, 2012 by in News

Check out this review of Jason Gray‘s Christmas Stories: Repeat The Sounding Joy from Thank you Breathecast for the great review.

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Prime Cuts: Easier (The Song of the Wiseman), Rest (The Song of the Innkeeper), Children Again

How can we say anything fresh about Christmas? With the perennial Christmas albums released each year, almost every angle to articulate something meaningful out of the Christmas story has been exhausted. Thus, a large cadre of contemporary Christian artists have resorted to straddle between the path of nostalgia singing about snowfalls and sleighs and the occasional stroll down the worship direction with a sonic nod to the birth of Christ. Gray could have easily gone that direction and still sell like many of his peers do. But as evident by his Bible-centered testimonial songs inspired by his own life of suffering (Gray has a speech impediment problem), this is not what you would expect from Gray. The coda of the album title ‘Repeat the Sounding Joy” is a good indication of the direction of this record. This is a collection of songs about “joy.” Joy not because there is an absence of war or disharmony, but joy because the Lord is present in our perilous circumstances. For the 9 originals, Gray tells the story of Christmas from the eyes of the characters of Christmas (Joseph, Mary, the inn keeper, the shepherds, the angels and so forth). And in his re-telling, he shows us how joy is still possible despite the characters’ struggles, selfishness, busyness, fears and doubts. Just like well-crafted and Spirit-filled sermons, at the end of the day, these tracks really are more than just about the Christmas characters. They are about us: how the presence of Jesus can truly bring joy in the midst of our struggles and fears.

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