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Posted January 14, 2010 by in Other

In the coming days, we know there will be hundreds of blogs and tweets regarding response to the earthquake disaster in Haiti, but as a team of people who care about our work reaching the world, we don’t want to be silent on the issue. We’re privileged to work with great artists, most of whom [...]

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Feeling a thought

Posted January 11, 2010 by in A&R

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.” – E.Y. Harburg Thank you Emily Ford for sending me this quote. I love it. Edgar (Yip) Harburg was one of the original great American lyricist, and he understood something about songs that I hope the [...]

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John Mays's Favorites of 2009

Posted January 5, 2010 by in A&R

In order to celebrate the launch of a brand new year we have asked our staff to reflect on 2009 a little prior to tackling 2010. So we asked them to answer a few simple questions: 5 Favorite Songs of 2009 4 Favorite Albums of 2009 3 Favorite Movies of 2009 2 Favorite TV Shows [...]

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