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Greetings. It has been a couple of weeks. I hope you forgive my lack of communication. Ah, it is springtime here in beautiful downtown Franklin. Doors and windows are open to let out the last of winter. And the new burger joint opened up, how can you top that? The Centricity offices are buzzing with marketing [...]

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Centricity Update 2/24

Posted February 24, 2011 by in Marketing, Radio

Greetings. It has been a busy week here at the house. Lots of meetings. Lots of planning. With three big releases coming this August and September the building is buzzing with plans and expectations. There are records being made, photo shoots being planned and marketing plans being strategized. But we never want to forget the [...]

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Centricity Update 2/17

Posted February 17, 2011 by in Marketing, Radio, Touring

Greetings from the third floor of the Centricity house in beautiful downtown Franklin. The view here is pretty nice as there are old buildings filled with history and stories all around us. Lately much of what we see out or slender windows has been hidden by constant snowfall. But this week has been perfect giving [...]

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Greetings from Vegas. John Mays and I are out on the road visiting radio stations. So far we have hit Tulsa, Seattle, Portland and now Vegas. We are about half way through the trip and have a nice two and a half hour delay in Vegas. Quite frustrating but you get used to it after [...]

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