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A Growing Season Hello all. I’m Reagan, one of the summer interns here at Centricity. I’ve never written a blog post before but wanted to share a little of my experience here, so go easy on me. Here goes: Nashville, whether I end up here or not later in life, I will forever remember as [...]

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Posted May 23, 2011 by in Other

The following piece is adapted from a longer series of posts written by the author for his personal blog. You can find links to the longer version at the end of this entry. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of learning. Maybe it’s because I walked for my MBA commencement two weekends [...]

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Interning at Centricity

Posted February 22, 2011 by in Guest Blogs, Marketing, Other

Hi, My name is Alyssa and I’m a third year Music Business student at Belmont University. This semester I am an intern in the Marketing Department at Centricity Music and am specifically working with online marketing under Rebekah. As an intern, I work to keep artists’ tour dates and information up to date online and [...]

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By posting guest blogs, we’re showing our readers what we’re reading online. This one is a great blog from Digital Music News. 32 Different Ways Artists Can Make Money… But which ones are really producing serious revenues?  Here 32 different possible possible revenue streams for artists, as compiled by the Future of Music Coalition (FMC).   [...]

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At the beginning of this month I had the privilege of taking Jason Gray on a radio promo trip.  A radio promo trip is a trip routed to visit several different radio stations within a certain region. It’s very important for an artist and radio promoter to spend time building relationships face to face with [...]

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Radio Promo Tours

Posted October 18, 2010 by in Other, Radio

I’ve been putting off writing this blog for a few days now in hopes the right idea would just magically pop into my head, the clouds would part, sun would shine down on my face and I’d hear the choir of angels sing a harmonious chord. Alas, no such thing has happened. I’m now sitting [...]

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What's Your Stew?

Posted October 11, 2010 by in Other, Uncategorized

Last week I was fortunate to get to attend Catalyst, a great leadership conference held in Atlanta. I went with some of the other staff from Centricity and was treated to some challenging insights from church leaders, business leaders/authors, and social justice innovators. The opening session featured   (as it had the two previous times [...]

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Joining Centricity Music

Posted October 5, 2010 by in Marketing, Other, Radio

Some thoughts on joining the Centricity Music family… and by family… I mean a business… Hello, my name is Jon Sell.  I am the newest addition to the Centricity team.  My time at Centricity started approximately one year ago.  I started in artist management as an intern for Jeff Berry.  The internship was great.  Everyone [...]

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A Matter of Perspective

Posted September 17, 2010 by in Other

As I thought about a topic for my first blog entry, I kept coming back to one main theme: Perspective. This word, to me, has two different meanings: the “point of view” or attitude that a person takes toward something and the “true understanding of the relative importance of things” (thanks, New Oxford American Dictionary). [...]

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