Who are you guys?

Centricity was founded in 2005 with a commitment to artist development. Based in Franklin TN, our mission is to enable our artists to create life-changing experiences for the world. Providing label, management and publishing services, Centricity is a family-owned organization, and we like it that way.

Most of us really like Mexican food.

Check this article to find out more.

How do we contact you?

Centricity Music
135 2nd Ave. N
Franklin TN 37064

What does Centricity mean?

Centricity is a real word. It means the state or quality of being centered.

If you’re centered, then you have good centricity. Congratulations.

Can I send you my demo?

Sure. Two things to remember…

1. We have a lot of music to listen to so it will probably take us a while to get to it.

2. We’re not able to respond to you with feedback or critique on the music. If we hear something in your demo that makes us feel like there could be a potential fit for us, we’ll contact you.

You can get your music to us in 1 of 3 ways:

1. Send us a link to a site where we can stream your tracks. (facebook, soundcloud, etc) If you’re serious about your music, you should have something like this set up. Send the link to info@centricitymusic.com. This method makes us smile.

2. Send an MP3 to info@centricitymusic.com. No more than three tracks please, and if you need to, you can send them in three separate emails. Sending an MP3 doesn’t make us smile, but it doesn’t really make us frown either. Just sort of a blank stare.

3. Snailmail a CD. Mailing your CD does not say a good thing about your current involvement with technology, but we’ll take it anyway. CDs grow into large stacks on our desks. They make us grimace. Like someone is poking us with something sharp.

Our mailing address is :
Centricity Music
attn : demo submissions
135 2nd Ave N.
Franklin TN 37064

How do I get signed?

Technology has given independent artists an incredible ability to create and promote their own recordings and careers, which has introduced an entirely new paradigm into the music industry landscape. Still, even during these times of dramatic change within the music biz, there seem to be a few consistent qualities among those artists who capture the attention of labels, both large and small.

We believe these qualities can be broken down into four general areas, but by no means are they meant to be a comprehensive list of criteria. These categories are generalizations, and of course, there are always exceptions. They’re listed in order of importance, most to least.

  1. Work Ethic.  We once heard Margaret Becker tell some indie artists that before she was signed, she felt like she was digging a trench with her bare hands. When she signed, the label gave her a shovel, but she still had to do the digging! That image is important because it helps artists to understand how much patience and persistence is required, and the reality that no one will ever work as hard to get their music exposed as themselves. We can’t work with people who don’t understand this.
  2. Songs. Fortunately, writing and recording great songs continues to play a significant role in the marketability of an artist.  Through all the changes in the music biz, this seems to remain the one, consistent factor in building and sustaining a successful music career. If you are consistently writing great songs, either by yourself or with others, we’re interested
  3. Qualified Uniqueness. We use the word “qualified” because simply saying we’re looking for “unique” artists isn’t totally accurate. We want artists who are unique enough to not sound like everything else out there; but also sound enough like everything else out there that it still can have mass appeal for it’s time.  Tricky stuff. If you’re making commercial music, AND that music has an identifiable distinction to it, we’re interested.
  4. Talent. We’ll never sign anyone who’s not talented on some level, but we’ll probably never again be able to sign someone on talent alone. There’s simply too much noise out there, good and bad, to rely on talent only to cut through. Without a good showing in the first three categories (listed above), it’s almost impossible to gain visibility for an artist or band, regardless of the level of talent.

In the past, we’ve blogged on some of these ideas in order to dig a little deeper. This article and this one might provide some additional insight.


Where can I receive some feedback on my music and songs?

These people and organizations offer either conferences or services that provide valuable demo critique and feedback. We recommend them highly as people of character with great skills, gifting and experience.

GMA Song Review

Nashville Songwriters Association 

Write About Jesus

Who do I contact in order to get a license to use some of your music?

We make it as simple as possible for you. Email Mark Hauth at mark@musicservices.org and he’ll get you fixed up.

Where do I find tracks or chord charts to one of your artist’s songs?

Most of the accompaniment tracks and chord charts are available in our store. If there’s something you’re not able to find, or would like information on using one of our songs for something you’re doing, write us at info@centricitymusic.com.

Can I intern with Centricity?

We don’t have positions for everyone that would like to intern, but we do enjoy and appreciate having interns as part of our team. To check on internship availabilities, email info@centricitymusic.com.

How can I book one of your artists for a concert?

Go to the “Artists” section of our site, click on the artist you’re interested in booking, and you’ll find contact info on their page.